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Stotesbury Cup Regatta

Logistics and Race Schedule

The Wilson tent is in space #39–look for the Wilson banner!

For planning and race day updates from the Stotesbury organizers, follow the @StotesRegatta Twitter feed. If you don't use Twitter, posts to the Stotesbury Cup Regatta Facebook page will be updated after Twitter. #Stotes will be included in all posts so that you can easily find them. 

The updated schedule for Stotesbury is below:

1:30 PM - First bus arrives at course, rigs
3:00 PM - Second bus arrives at course, practice begins
6:00 PM - Depart course
6:30 PM - Arrive at hotel, check in
7:00 PM - Dinner at hotel
8:30 PM - Boat Meetings
9:30 PM - In rooms, lights out

Boys F8+
6:00 AM -  Wake up, breakfast
6:30 AM - Bus departs hotel
7:00 AM - Bus arrives at course
8:23 AM - Boys F8+ time trial

Boys JV4+
7:15 AM - Wake up, breakfast
8:00 AM - Bus departs hotel
8:30 AM - Bus arrives at course
10:09 PM - Boys JV4+ time trial

All Other Boats
9:00 AM - Wake up and breakfast
9:30 AM - Bus departs hotel 
10:00 AM - Arrive at course
12:17 PM - Girls JV8+ time trial
3:23 PM - Girls 2V8+ time trial
4:50 PM - Girls V4+ time trial
5:17 PM - Boys V4+ time trial
5:44 PM - Girls V8+ time trial
6:06 PM - Boys V8+ time trial

TBD - Bus 1 departure from course
TBD - Bus 2 departure form course
6:00 PM - Dinner at hotel
8:00 PM - Boat meetings 
9:00 PM - Lights out

* Buses will remain at the course and will be chaperoned by a coach so that rowers can stay dry until their race

** We will only send buses back to the hotel early on Friday if

(1) the trip is being made to take kids who qualified for further racing to dry out and rest and (2) there is a coach to chaperone the bus and hotel.

**schedule will be set after Thursday's racing**
8:00 AM - Earliest possible Wilson semifinal 
11:50 AM - Latest possible Wilson semifinal 
1:00 PM - Earliest possible Wilson final 
5:13 PM - Latest possible Wilson final 
6:00 PM - Estimated departure to DC
8:30 PM - Estimated arrival at Wilson 

4:30 PM - Trailer unloading

Please Note: Excused rower absences have been submitted to Wilson but have not yet been processed. Please disregard any robocalls/emails about today or tomorrow's attendance.

Go Tigers (and stay dry)!

Stotesbury Cup Regatta Travel Fee

Online payment for the Stotesbury Cup Regatta travel fee has closed. If you have not paid online as of 7pm on Wednesday, May 16h, you must bring a check for the payment amount of $300 to the bus on Thursday. Checks should be made payable to Wilson Crew Boosters. Thank you!