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USRowing Membership & Waiver

All Wilson Crew rowers (Varsity and Novice) are required to have an active USRowing Basic level membership and signed electronic waiver on file.

Please Note: Middle School rowers will only need a USRowing membership if they are participating in the Mid-Atlantic Erg Sprints on February 1, 2020. 

Club Code - JGX6R

Memberships - expire one year from date of purchase

To join or renew your USRowing Membership or Waiver:

  1. Go to the USRowing membership portal.
  2. Select “Join” under “Individuals” and complete the form to search for a prior membership under your rower’s name or to initiate a new membership.  Our club name is “Woodrow Wilson Sr. High School Crew."
  3. When prompted, enter our club code “JGX6R."
  4. Scroll down to see if an athlete record was located for your rower.
  5. Select Join or Login and continue through the steps of membership.
  6. Be sure to sign your USRowing online waiver before leaving the website.  If you forget, simply return to the USRowing membership portal and select "Sign Waiver."
  7. When you are finished, we will be able to see your signed waiver in the system.

Helpful Hints 

  • Parents, the membership must be in the rower’s name, with the rower’s birthdate but the email address may be yours.  Please consider what email address to use as the email address will be used for password recovery if the password is lost.
  • Note for Novice Parents: Novice rowers who join Wilson Crew in the fall season will need to join USRowing and sign a waiver in the fall/winter of their novice year, then renew each year.